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Broaden your literary horizons with books from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), LGBTQ+, and international writers. Choose every month from four to five selections, and you'll receive a box with your book and two or three creations by independent BIPOC and LGBTQ+ artists.

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New Suns arose from the intersection of two burning passions: a desire to see our experiences reflected in literature, and a need to put said literature in the hands of readers. We are Black, Asian, LGBTQ+ and immigrant womxn. We are excited by underrepresented voices in literature, and we want those voices to be heard around the world.


In a world where all of human knowledge is available online, the only true exploration left lies in the discovery of new perspectives. We search across genres, formats, and languages for these new perspectives, and bring them right to your doorstep every month. These are your endless horizons. These are your new suns.


Choose the plan that best suits your needs. Orders close on the 10th of every month and ship by the 24th.

New Suns Subscription Box
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The one and only. Choose one book from our monthly selection and get it shipped to your door along with art from independent BIPOC and LGBTQ+ creators! We offer three pricing options:
・1-Month: $35.00 billed monthly
・3-Month Prepay: $99 (5% off!)
・6-Month Prepay: $189 (10% off!!)

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Prices not including $5 monthly shipping fee (multiplied for 3- and 6-month options). If purchasing a gift, we recommend setting the start date close to (or on) the 10th so we can prepare shipping as early as possible.

There's nothing new
Under the sun,
But there are new suns.
—Octavia Butler